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I Brake For Wildlife Car Sticker

I Brake For Wildlife Bumper Sticker

Fed up with moron drivers riding your bumper, trying to force you to speed up on our narrow country roads? Not only are they travelling too close to stop in an emergency but their speed in general doesn't give wildlife on our roads a chance. This sticker should help make them think twice about how close they get and how fast they travel. Hopefully we can reduce the amount of dead creatures that are becoming all too common place on our rural roads.

This is a cheap and effective way to stop tailgating. It really does work. Tailgaters see the warning notice on the back of your car and immediately drop back. You have warned them that you might brake unexpectedly so they realise they need to keep their distance. At 11 inches by 3 inches you can easily add it to your back window or bumper. It is fully weatherproof and easy to apply.

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I Brake For Wildlife bumper sticker
I Brake For Wildlife bumper sticker by ibrakeforwildlife

I Brake For Animals car bumper sticker
I Brake For Animals car bumper sticker by ibrakeforwildlife

Don't Ride My Ass car bumper sticker
Don't Ride My Ass car bumper sticker by ibrakeforwildlife
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N.B. Deer, Badger and Donkey/Ass photographs are the property of and copyright to www.ibrakeforwildlife.org 2014

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